It's Earth Day and I kinda hate it.

Modern SIlver hoop earrings with reflected light on a white back  ground.  In yellow words the text says " Be the light" and "Earth Day Every Day

It's Earth Day and sorry to be honest, I kinda hate it.

What I love about it is that everyone is thinking about the Earth and how we can do better to protect the only livable planet we have.

What I hate about Earth Day, is that a lot of the messaging is designed to make individuals feel guilty about systemic problems while governments and big corporations get to pretend (for a day) they really care about the planet.

It's all frustrating to me because I think it's time to give up the idea that there's a quick fix to our collective situation that can be implemented in just one day.

The reality is, sustainability is a practice and we have to accept that the work will never be finished because systems need care.

We need to make everyday Earth Day. 

And sometimes the weight of that gets heavy for me. So today I'm taking a break to recharge. I'm going to enjoy the beautiful weather in Seattle and bask in the spring light✨✨✨

But if you are wondering what we do on the other 364 days of the year, click here to read more about our sustainability practice. 

All the best,


Owner, Astor & Orion

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