Fashion Revolution Week 2022 Links and Events

Fashion Revolution Week 2022 Events and links

Thank you for watching our Fashion Revolution Week IG Live


 Thank you so much for everyone that tuned into our IG Live. To follow up we put together this list of links so it's easy for you to start your journey with using fashion to make positive changes for the people and the planet. 


Fashion Revolution Week 2022 USA Event Schedule:


Join Fashion Revolution As A Student:


Join Fashion Revolution As A Regional Community Member:

Listen to Episode 13 of The Conscious Cut featuring Ayesha Barenblat, the founder of Remake, to hear about the non-profit organization in her own words.


Become a Remake Ambassador:


Register To Vote:


Help elect representatives who support the people and the planet:


Watch the True Cost


Host an event to keep the conversation and action going in real life! 


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