Halloween Playlist

A Playlist In Minor Chords For Getting Into Spooky Season



Halloween is my favorite holiday. Most people are surprised when I say this because in general I have a sunny disposition. But the truth is, walking on the sunny side of life is a choice I make most days. Occasionally, I love nothing more than to relish in a big dark mood.

To share my love of the shadow, I made an oldskool "mixtape style" playlist for you. Which means turn off the auto shuffle and play this one in order. The first two songs lay the theme.

It starts with “Jack's Lament” from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.  I love this song because it’s the perfect romp through the delights of the dark side. I can never get enough of the range and expression in Danny Elfman’s voice.

Then lest we forget, that Halloween is also about summer fading and things dying into the cold of winter, I chose “You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen.

This song comes from the last album he recorded before he died.

It is indeed darker.

The hook hineni means “here I am” in Hebrew. It’s a quite the song. Make of it what you will.

The rest of the playlist swings between the dark and the delightfully dark… Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine, Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish, Missy Elliot, The Specials and more. Don’t worry I steered clear of the Monster Mash. 

Hope you enjoy!


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