Astor + Orion Mentioned As A Brand Doing it Right During The COVID Crisis

Fashion Activists Elizabeth Cline, Benita Robledo, Rachael Wang, and Lauren Fay are on a mission to support garment workers and factories during the COVID crisis.


In the May edition of Jejune Magazine the seasoned fashion activist group discusses their new project, Support Garment Workers, which is website dedicated to raising awareness on the labor and health issues garment workers face in the workplace as well as a resource for consumers who want to educate themselves on the human and environmental impact of the global supply chain. 


2020 has finally been the year where the relationship between fashion brands and their factories has gotten it's much needed moment in the sun.  For those who are just catching up on this issue, in the wake of the COVID pandemic many of the biggest and well known brands in fashion canceled over 1 billion dollars worth of factory orders. This left millions of workers worldwide unemployed and factories unpaid for work they had already completed.


"It's truly shocking that completed orders can be cancelled without any ramifications. It is like canceling a restaurant order right while the food is on your plate and refusing to pay."


These unethical business practices are increasingly driving consumers to find and support fashion brands that are working on a higher standard for their workers and the planet. Referencing our decision to not cancel any orders and even purchase an accidental production overage at full price, Benita Robledo notes, "I know Tonle Design, Hiptipico, and Astor+Orion are actively doing things to help their workers."


"I know Tonle Design, Hiptipico, and Astor + Orion are actively doing things to help their workers." 


Click through to read the full article and learn more about how these fashion activists are doing their part to raise awareness on the important issues garment workers face.



If you have time for a direction action, click here to sign Remake's #PayUp petition to demand that big brands take care of their workers. 



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