Astor + Orion featured in The StyleWise Gift Guide on Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco Friendly Presents.

Ethical Brands Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to shop ethically from a small business this holiday season? 

Sometimes it's hard to know which brands are truly ethical or sustainable and which ones are greenwashing the same old questionable business practices. Luckily the StyleWise, editor Leah Wise has done the legwork for you by putting together an amazing gift guide featuring her favorite ethical and sustainable brands, including Astor + Orion. 

If you are just beginning your sustainability journey, the StyleWise blog has been around since 2013 and is a great resource for nuanced yet accessible articles on all things related to sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Leah describes her philosophy, "I believe that small steps matter, but I also believe very strongly that we must build strong, sustainable coalitions that lobby for better regulations while working to imagine and create a narrative of hope. You can’t merely buy your way to a better world, but like all good habits, committing to doing the best thing you can within your means and circumstances is a catalyst for change and an example to others. "

I can't recommend her blog enough. My personal favorite is her section on "Links That Changed Me" where she discusses important topics like social justice and religion from her perspective as student of Divinity. 

Click through to read the StyleWise 2020 Gift Guide featuring 50+ Fair Trade, Ethical, and Eco-Friendly presents.  Of course it's features ethical and sustainable jewelry but you will also find, ethical gifts for men, fair trade homewares and amazing selection of crafts and games. 

Or click here to shop the Astor + Orion 2020 collection of ethical jewelry made from recycled metals. 

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