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What does sustainability mean to you?

Karen Hartman

Posted on August 01 2020

What does sustainability mean to you?

One of the upsides to the COVID slowdown of my life is I have had more time to think about about that. In simplest terms and most immediate way, I define it as meeting my needs today without harming my ability to meet those needs again in the future. At its core it’s a recognition of the fact that everyone of us (even the city dweller that has not stepped on a patch of dirt in years) are fundamentally dependent on the earth’s ecosystem to stay alive.

Modern life may have obscured this fact but no amount of tech can alter the fact that us mammals need plants to convert solar energy into sugar. We can’t break the eco system that supports the human race and still expect to live. So for me sustainability is grounded in the pragmatic more than the altruistic.

For those of you who are doing the work in sustainability, what would you add or subtract from this definition? My DM's are open and I love to hear additional perspectives on how to define sustainability.

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