Our mission is to create modern, ethical jewelry that helps build a beautiful and fair future for us all.

Ethical Jewelry, gold hoops and eye charm necklace laying on a counter top in sun

It’s about more than just looking beautiful.

You want to do better for the earth. You want to help other women. You want to wear your values because you know beauty without justice, isn't beautiful.

But sometimes it's just so hard to know where to start.

One small step can create a movement.

We know putting on a pair of earrings isn't going to change the world. But we do believe the act of getting dressed in the morning is the first step in becoming a part of the change we are all working toward.

It’s simple: our jewelry is designed to be a part of your daily self care ritual that reminds you of who you are and what you’re willing to fight for.

Restore and Regenerate Through Circular Design

Instead of approaching our environmental crisis with messages that guilt you into doing less, we are doing our part to create a system that does better.

We’ve reformed our process to take waste and pollution out from the very beginning. Our products are designed to be endlessly recycled or composted to regenerate the earth.
Ethical jewelry made from recycled metals and lost wax casting

Nature doesn’t waste or pollute, why should we?

At Astor + Orion, we put this idea into practice by making our products:

Safe Materials - We design our jewelry using materials that have low toxicity.

Sustainable Design - We use recycled materials and design our products so they can be easily recycled with no extra processing.

Ethical Manufacturing - Our factory shares our belief of the importance of protecting the dignity and rights of their workers and the local environment. Click here to learn more about our factory's certifications. 

Fashion Revolution Campaign images by Astor + Orion ethically made sustainable jewelry

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