What Certification Means for Our Ethical Jewelry Brand

Karen Hartman

Posted on April 26 2019


Certifications For Our Ethical Jewelry


The first step in making an ethical fashion is having a fair and safe workplace. 

Because we care about the workers in our supply chain, from the outset we tailored our designs to be produced by a single ethically run factory.

.Our jewelry factory is certified by a 3rd party for:

  •  ISO 9001 standard which covers quality and safety. The result is a great quality product and many local awards for going years without serious worker injury. Employee satisfaction is demonstrated by low turnover with the average employment time being over two years. 
  • ISO14001 which covers the factory's environmental management systems. The result is that the factory's air and water are stringently filtered to make sure the local environment is not polluted. In fact the factory's waste water is used to irrigate their two on site soccer fields.

It is also a member of SEDEX, an ethical trade service organization which conducts the SMETA audit which looks at import points such as the ability of employees to air grievances, the ratio of males to females in management positions, and a specific Worker Well Being Assessment.

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