Wishing you had an easy way to shop ethical gifts for yourself or your girlfriend?

The Mindful Argonaut ethical gift list featuring Astor + Orion

Wishing you had an easy way to shop ethical gifts for yourself or your girlfriend?


Come take a trip with Hanna Cody of The Mindful Argonaut through her carefully curated ethical gift list featuring a stunning selection of gifts ranging from innovative zero waste solutions like a the last q-tip you will ever need, to skin care, vegan boots and of course Astor + Orion jewelry. 

Astor + Orion featured in The Mindful Argonaut Ethical Gift Guide

Come for the gift guide, but stay for the thoughtful writing on mindful and ethical living.


Hanna describes The Mindful Argonaut as, "a website dedicated to exploring socially- and environmentally-mindful living. As the name suggests, this is a place for argonauts - adventurers, questioners, and seekers in pursuit of a lofty but worthwhile goal. In this case, that goal is the journey towards more mindful and ethical living."

Ethical gift list for her by The Mindful Argonaut featuring Astor + Orion

Offering a refreshingly nuanced perspective, Hanna explains, "No ethical journey is linear or free from challenges. This is why The Mindful Argonaut rests on the firm belief that the pursuit of progress leaves no room for perfection. As such, this site promises to be an imperfect and nonjudgmental space to discover a better way forward for the benefit of the planet and its people."


A great example of this attitude is her article, "Walking the Talk? Merchandising, Social Movements, and the Viral Rise of Fashion’s Call to Vote" which discusses the ethical implication of buying political merchandise that advocates for rights that the workers who produced the merchandise do not benefit from.







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