Astor + Orion featured in The Style Theorist 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable Fashion Blogger The Style Theorist wearing a red dress, gold charm necklace standing in from of a white Christmas tree.



Wish you had time and a sharp eye to round up some picks from all the cool upcoming small businesses? Don't worry Christie Honore´ aka The Style Theorist has got your back with her holiday gift guide featuring everything from her favorite sticker company to lip glosses, vintage clothing, t-shirts and of course jewelry.  

sustainable fashion jewelry, gold charm necklaces, gold hoop earrings, and gold pyramid studs

Once you have had your fill of her quirky and colorful gift ideas, make sure you check out the rest of her blog which covers, "Where Fashion and Critical Theory Collide".


Not the typical girl on the 'Gram, Christie is a graduate student at the University of Hawai'i focusing on critical theory, disability studies, and performance studies. Some may wonder why would a such a serious academic spend her time exploring fashion?


The short answer is that she believes, "Self is Anticipatory... Dress Accordingly." 


The long answer is in her undergrad she had a professor who shared that she was nicknamed the "Versace Marxist" for being strongly anti-capitalist yet refusing to give up on designer clothing.


"Something about the relationship between fashion and ideology within that story kept coming back to me. What also stuck with me was the fact that an extremely intelligent and accomplished female academic could be unapologetically in love with an interest typically deemed vapid. How she could afford Versace on a grad-student budget is something I’ve yet to understand but nonetheless hope to emulate." explains Christie. 


Prioritizing her academic research and writing, Christie posts articles to her blog less frequently than images to her Instagram account. But when the articles do come, they are worth the wait.


If you are looking for something that will make you keep reflecting longer after you are done reading try, "Fashion in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction".


Click through to read the Style Theorist's Holiday Gift Guide featuring her favorite holiday presents from small business. Of course it features, her favorite jewelry brands  but you will also find, stickers, t-shirts with biting social commentary and her favorite purveyor's of vintage clothing. 


Or click here to shop the Astor + Orion 2020 collection of ethical jewelry made from recycled metals. 





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