Why we make our earrings from recycled stainless steel

Fashion revolution astro + Orion jewelry workers

We are in the homestretch of Fashion Revolution Week I’m at the Sustainable Fashion Forum in Portland today so it’s the perfect time to talk why we make our jewelry from recycled stainless steel. 

The simple answer is we want to build a world where things are not wasted and amazing design is accessible to all.

How this works is that we use recycled stainless steel in our designs and we don’t use other materials like stones so that end of its lifecycle, our products can be simply melted down and recycled without and extra processing. 

So if you have a pair of our earrings where you lost one, don't let that single earring spend the rest of eternity waiting in your jewelry box for their mate to be found.  

Make Marie Kondo proud, thank your earring for it's service and send it back to us for a credit.

Send an email to closetheloop@astorandorion.com to get the return started. We will either reclaim the metal to make new products or refurbish the earrings for resale. 


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