How protecting the environment is step one for building a great business

Fashion Revolution Astor and Orion factory workers

At Astor + Orion, it is our mission to help build the Circular Economy of the future. We do this by: 1) working with materials that are designed to be endlessly recycled or composted and 2) partnering with factories that are like-minded in their respect for the dignity and rights for their workers and their local environment.

Change starts with one small step. So the next time you want to find jewelry that will elevate your look, get it from a brand that will also elevate the world.


Last time we talked about how building and keeping a team is important. Today we are going to talk about environmental controls. I believe it’s what set this factory on a different path. 


When they built this factory, they put in a state of the art environmental control system that made sure the air inside and outside of the factory was clean and also maintained tight control of the waste water. Their filtration is so good that they use their water water to keep the factory’s soccer field green all year long. 


When they put this system in, they were not required by law to have such a system, they just felt that it was the right thing to do. When the local government inspected the factory, they were surprised and happy to see such a good system. It’s now become the model for all new factories being build in their province. 


This is what gives us hope and why we love the Fashion Revolution campaign. It’s a chance to not only talk about a serious problem, we also get to talk about the solutions. Once enough people see that something can be done, it’s hard to go back. 


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