How our Small Business is Managing the Lockdown

“Forget me not, we’ll hug it out later.”


Damn this one is speaking to me today. Right before the lockdown I was in LA for the O2 Show and while the foot traffic was low due to the emerging pandemic, it was a great show. I got the chance to connect with so many other amazing purpose driven brands. I took a bunch of cards with the intention of helping them connect with boutiques in Seattle. 

Sadly instead of that fun project, my life was thrown into the chaos of keeping my business going while tending to the new realities of being a homeschool mom. It’s not been easy. I had to accept that I didn’t have the time in my day to continue with classes for sustainability certificate. 

I’m not closing my business and I will finish my certification but damn- I’m deep in the feels today about having to wait.

I do find strength in connection though. We have to make do with what we can and help where we can. The funds going to the @artisttrust as a part of our #LockDownLove campaign are starting to add up and that gives me a lot of joy. 

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