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Starting today, we are empowering you to make

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Why Is Offsetting Carbon An Important Part Of Astor + Orion's Commitment To Sustainability?


At Astor + Orion we believe that sustainability is a practice that must be constantly evaluated and improved upon. We started with designing our products using Circular Design Principles and through that framework we were able to eliminate from the start many of the environmental harms commonly found in the jewelry industry.

When it was time to manufacture these designs, we again chose a certified manufacturing partner that shares our believe that a high quality product starts with a safe and fair workplace.

So now we are focusing on the the next link which is mitigating the impact we have on climate change. 


Sustainability Venn diagram explaining that sustainability is where  people, planet and profits intersect

Climate Change Is The Defining Issue of our Time

Being human means releasing planet-warming carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It happens when we take a shower, charge our phones, or let out a yawn after a long day. Just like humans release carbon pollution, so do businesses - and Astor + Orion is no exception.
E-commerce may strip away the energy expense of building and operating stores but it still has an impact. Everyday in the U.S. alone, ecommerce packages travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back ...133,000 times. 

Building a sustainable business means looking at our entire supply chain and working to mitigate its affect on climate change.  And while we have done our best to minimize the number of links in our supply chain, we still generate plenty of planet-warming carbon pollution.

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We’re on a Mission To Build A More Fair and Sustainable World For Us All

As Astor + Orion continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources toward our values in order to maximize the positive impact of our business. We have long held the conviction that we can be both a great business and a great corporate citizen. In fact, we believe we cannot be one without the other.
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What Astor + Orion  Is Doing To Address The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is massive, complicated, and overwhelming. So, it’s often hard to know what we can do about our carbon footprint. 
Starting today, we’re taking a stand and doing something about it. We’re partnering with EcoCart to empower the Astor + Orion community to make their orders 100% carbon neutral. 
For every piece of amazing jewelry that ships, you can now offset the specific carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact! This means the full carbon emissions from shipping your favorite Astor + Orion products to your door would be completely neutralized.

Ethical Jewelry with Carbon Neutral Shipping 

So now you’ll know when an Astor + Orion  package arrives at your door, you’ll get jewelry you love and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world.

What does it mean to offset carbon emissions?

It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items from Astor + Orion, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount.

It’s almost like we’re giving the planet an IOU, then immediately paying it back.

How do carbon offsets work?

Each time someone checks the carbon neutral box at checkout, we will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets” through our friends at EcoCart.

These purchases support environmental projects, like wind and solar farms that create clean energy, or protecting trees that would otherwise be cut down so that they can continue to absorb carbon from the air. On top of it, we make sure that these projects are doing some extra good like protecting animals or supporting underserved communities. We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier place.


What do you mean carbon neutral?

When we say your orders will be “carbon neutral” (“net zero” is another term you’ll hear), that means that we will eliminate, capture, or otherwise mitigate all of the carbon emissions created from making [company name] products and shipping them to your door. 
We’ll even give you information about the project your specific donation is supporting, so you know your money is going to the right place. 

Sustainability Imagery. Solar Farm Solar Panel Array and Windmill

Carbon Offsets Are Just One Part Of Solving The Climate Change Crisis


At Astor + Orion, we are committed to slowing the effects of climate change, one order at a time. Carbon offsets are a starting point—an immediate way to reduce our impact.

Even though this is a moment to celebrate, we think that it’d be even better if we didn’t emit any carbon in the first place. As we grow as a company, we will continue to monitor our activities and look for ways to mitigate the climate effects.

The Power of Us

Our work isn’t done for another important reason. No matter how much progress we continue to make on our own footprint, Astor + Orion’s footprint is actually quite small. The effects of climate change are magnified far beyond Astor + Orion itself. 
The only way we can truly begin to reverse the effects of climate change are if everyone does their part. 

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What can you do to help reverse climate change?

If you truly want to change something, first you need got understand it. To get a sense of your carbon foot print you can experiment with this ecological footprint calculator designed by The Global Footprint Network  which is an organization dedicated to advancing sustainability through science. 

If you want to learn more about climate change, here is a great compilation of educational videos which cover the topic form many different angles. 


Ready to start making changes to mitigate your impact on Climate Change? Here's a list of ideas to get you started.

  • First, focus on the energy efficiency of your home. Efficiency is also the easiest way to save money. Program your thermostat. Check in with your own utility and see if they offer rebates on LED light bulbs, efficient appliances, upgraded insulation or other cost-effective upgrades like efficient water fixtures. Ask your utility if they offer a home energy audit.


  • If you own a house, installing solar might make financial sense for you. In some cases, you can install solar with no upfront cost while lowering your energy bill each month. In a few areas, you can buy into a community solar array that isn’t even on your property. If solar doesn’t work for your house or you live in an apartment or condo, ask your utility company if they offer a residential green power program. Many do with simple, reasonable terms.


  • Find brands with legitimate sustainability initiatives. Whether it’s with carbon neutral products, a sustainable supply chain, recycled materials, or eco-friendly packaging, we should all do our best to limit the carbon footprint of the products we buy. 


  • Challenge yourself to drive less and bike more. Riding your bike forces you to utilize your own muscle power. You’ll get a workout all while helping the environment. Plus, it requires much less energy to produce a bike than it does to manufacture a car. If you can’t bike to work for whatever reason, take public transportation. It puts less cars on the road, which reduces the amount of exhaust filling the air at once.


  • Opt for reusable bottles, bags, and anything else that you usually use once then throw away. If that’s not an option, make sure to properly recycle any plastic, paper, glass or metal that comes into your life. 

If we all do our part by changing our daily habits and making sustainable swaps, supporting companies that care about their impact on the Earth, and advocate for the future we deserve, we can effect real change in the world.

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