Part 2 of why were are named ASTOR + ORION

The first time I heard Carl Sagan talk, it blew my mind. I have been obsessed with learning as much as I can about the Cosmos since. 

There is so much to learn.

Last post, I told you how I named my son after the constellation Orion. Today I will tell you about my daughter’s name.

Her name has a double, double meaning which I think is fitting for a 2nd child. Aster, is the name of a genus of flowers that are star shaped so they are named after the Greek word for star. I chose this because her grandmother’s name could be translated into English as Loyal Flower. I felt Aster was perfect name to connect her to her brother and honor her Grandmother.

Ok so you may have noticed our company is named ASTOR + ORION, not Aster + Orion. And may be thinking huh?

Yeah I changed the E to an O. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m a creator and an artist and making stuff up is what I do. 😹 

Making that small change in the spelling helped me think of this brand as it’s own entity and not just my kids’ middle names. It has become a symbol not of my kids but of the world I want to leave them. This is why I am so dedicated to developing this company in sustainable and ethical ways. 

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