93% Stardust or Why our company is named ASTOR + ORION

Haven't put a blog up in a little while because after the mad scramble to launch, it was just time to enjoy hanging out with my kids.

Love this poem by Nikita Gill so much because it reminds me of my kids. After reading it I want to say “except when you are people named after stars.”

My kids middle names are Orion and Aster. I chose to name my son after the stars because I wanted him to grow up understanding the deep connection he has with all of creation. Naming him after a constellation made of stars was the perfect starting to point for me to tell him the story of how the atoms in our body were literally forged in stars. 

In case you didn’t know, stars are made from hydrogen and helium. While a star is busy burning bright, fusion of atomic nuclei is also occurring. This how our universe got the other elements in the periodic chart. 

Sometimes spiritual sounding platitudes actually have a basis in fact. 😹

Gotta get some other things done right now but sometime soon I’ll finish the story of my kids names and why used them for this company. 

Stay tuned my stars.


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