How soccer is an important part of making high quality jewelry. (I'm serious)

fashion revolution factory soccer trophies

The Fashion Revolution isn't just about looking good. It's about feeling good about the way you represent yourself and your values. 

At Astor + Orion, we firmly believe that beauty without justice isn't beautiful. That's why we've decided to take a stand to make sure our jewelry is created ethically from the beginning. 


Today we are going to talk about why soccer is an important part of making high quality jewelry. (I’m serious.)


Good social responsibility is good business. To make a high quality product, you need a team of people that can work well together and have experience with each other as well as experience with the machinery and the work. If a factory has too high of an employee turnover rate, the quality suffers. 

One of the reasons I choose our the factory we use is that they are understand this and have spent a lot of energy towards making their factory an important part of their surrounding community. In Thailand, soccer is serious business and the lobby of the factory is filled with case after case of league trophies.


Not only are their environmental controls maintained at a higher standard than is required by law, they have many programs to improve the health and lives of their workers.

From maintaining 2 soccer fields on the factory grounds, to free healthy lunches, yearly check ups, and automatic pay raises, they are busy taking concrete and measurable steps to keep their workers happy.  As a result, their average employee has been working there for over 2 years. 


Join us for our next post where we will talk about the environmental  controls and how a focus on standards will help us take a stand against injustice so we can build a new system based on respect and regeneration.


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