Wonderful PDX is now stocking Astor + Orion ethical jewelry

Astor + Orion ethical jewelry Portland Stockist Wonderful PDX

Wonderful PDX is now stocking Astor + Orion Ethical jewelry

"Wonderful PDX is the dream come true of Elisa Lazo de Valdez, who unwittingly spent the last 30 years gathering the skill set to make her dream a reality. 

She began with a degree in design & advertising, 10+ years working in Display, merchandising, & retail management, and finished with a 15 year career as an award winning photographer."

For her newly opened shop in Downtown Portland, Eliza has curated a beautiful and unusual collection of handcrafted jewelry and gifts that reflects her "local flair and global style".

They are located at:

3660 SW River Pkway Portland, OR 97239 


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