Peak Behind the Curtain (Part 1- Prototyping)

Whenever a jewelry industry insider looks at our product, the first thing they say is, "Wow that's a lot of detail" or "Wow, you have a really good caster."

While we agree that we do have a a fantastic caster, the real reason we have a lot of detail in our designs is that we work very hard to get it into the model. 

Tomas sculpts our designs using a digital sculpting program called Zbrush. This is something very different than what most jewelry designers use. He literally sculpts a design in a manner similar to carving wax. While this program does allow us to save some time, the hand skill and knowledge required are astounding. 

Another advantage the digital sculpting process offers is that we are able test our designs using our studio's 3D printer. It is common that a design will go through several iterations of sculpting and printing. Once we are satisfied, we give the file to our casting facility to begin the casting process.

What we love about this system is that we have 100% control over the final product. We do not in any way rely on a technician to translate our vision into a final design. 

If you want to see more of Tomas' work:


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