Live Chat on Twitter with the Ethical Hour 11/19 @ 12 pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm UK


I’ll be live chatting on Twitter with The Ethical Hour today about how to shop ethically this holiday season. We go live at 12pm PST/ 8 pm UK. Look forward to answering your questions about the factory we use to produce our earrings. 

I lived and worked as a manufacturing agent in China for almost 10 years. I’m happy to talk about my experiences there and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t be shy. I strongly believe in community over competition so designers who follow me, literally ask me anything. 

“How exactly do you find an ethical factory?”

“What does ethical even mean?”

"What is the factory that you use to produce your earrings like?"

"How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your products?"

"Can a product made at a factory be eco friendly?"

"What exactly is the problem with many products produced in factories?"

You can find us by searching the hashtag #ShopEthicalInstead in the twitter search bar. 

or follow this link:


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