What Earth Day Means to Us

Fashion revolution I made your jewelry sign . Gold charm necklace and earrings


Happy Earth Day!  It's also day 3 of Fashion Revolution Week and so I think it's the perfect time to explain where the name Astor + Orion comes from. ⁣

I spent almost a decade living and working in Asia as a manufacturing agent. I loved being the bridge between the brand and the factory. It taught me so much about what it takes to make a high quality product but at a certain point I was ready to go back to having my own line and do things in my own way.⁣

As I was working on the concept of this brand, the most important question I needed to answer was "why does the world need another jewelry brand?". ⁣

My answer was I wanted to show the world it is possible to make beautiful jewelry that supports and promotes systems that will leave the world in a better place. We can't keep waiting for someone to save us from this broken system. It's time for action.⁣

So I named this brand after my kids' middle names to remind me to evaluate every decision against what I would want for them and what type of world they will inherit. 

This is why we used recycled metals and a factory that is certified for it's environmental and labor practices. This is why I am working on a professional certificate in sustainability. ⁣

This brand and even my personal life is far from perfect. There is more that I plan to do, but what's important is that we all just start working on it. ⁣

So on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, please stop and think about what things you can do to lessen your environmental footprint and to help support systems that are more fair and sustainable. We are a tremendous time of change. While it can feel massively scary and uncertain, it's also a once in lifetime opportunity to let go of the broken ideas and rebuild with something better.

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