Celebrate Earth Month With Us By Joining the Eco-Life Challenge

Eco-Life Challenge Logo. Celebrate Earth Day

Important news! Earth Month is right around the corner and I want to talk to you about what we are doing to celebrate and how you can join in on the fun.


Starting April 5th and going the entire month of April, Astor + Orion  will be participating in the Eco-Life Challenge. It’s a free digital event and I hope you sign up  so we can cheer each other on.


You Can Sign Up Here


This year’s theme  is all about understanding different aspects of Circular Design and completing challenges to take direct action that will help you build your eco-life skills.


If you have been following us for any time, you know that we are all about Circular Design. And what I love about this year’s Eco-Life Challenge is that it’s using Circular Design as a bridge to a deeper understanding of what sustainability means.


I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate Earth Month because I believe sustainability is a practice. Sustainability not a single thing you do once and you are done. It’s a thing you do over time. The more you practice, the easier it is and the better you get at making a bigger impact with your choices and actions. 


So join us! All you have to do is click here and drop your email. Everything you need to know to participate will be emailed to you. It’s going to be a lot fun. 

Eco-Life Challenge 2021 Sponsors:


Eco-Life Challenge 2021 Sponsors

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