10 Questions with Seattle Fashion Blogger, Lashonya Hamilton


Lashonya Hamilton Seattle Fashion Blogger


I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Seattle fashion blogger, Lashonya Hamilton. Initially I got to know her through her amazing Instagram feed, @style.in.pnw She focuses on showing her audience how to have fun with current trends, while dispelling the myth that you need to be a size 2 to look incredible. If you love a good smile, her blog is for you. 

I'm hooked on her feed because picture after picture she's radiating joy. After having the pleasure of meeting her in real life, I will tell you that joy is real.  Even after day that had been packed with styling work that would leave most dragging, her good vibes were going strong. We had so much fun taking these pictures. 

Continue reading to learn her secrets. 

What’s your mission in life? My mission in life is to discover and fulfill Gods purpose for my life. I trust he has something bigger for my life than I could ever imagine.

What inspired you to take this path? I've learned things are much harder when I think I know what's best.

What’s a typical day look like? Get up and get my family of three dressed and out of the house. Kiddo off to daycare. Then I carpool with hubby to downtown Seattle. I use this time to post or engage on IG. I work at Amazon Fashion. Most days I have lunch with a buddy and maybe take some outfit pics. Then head home to get back to my son for dinner and family time - no phones until the next day.

How do you feel about sustainable fashion? I'm so happy sustainable fashion is becoming more mainstream. I try to maintain a plant based diet and hope to shop more sustainable fashion. I'm enjoying the fact that more brands are making the change and happy that current sustainable brands are becoming more accessible.

What is something you wish you would see more of? I want to see more diversity in the fashion industry. I have discussions with models, photographers and stylist all the time about the lack of plus size representation and ethnic backgrounds in our cultural view of beauty and fashion.

What is something you wish you would see less of? I honestly would like to see less of brands saying they have a platform of women empowerment but ask female bloggers and influencers to promote their products for free. How can they empower women while asking for free labor and to create content out of our own pockets.

What is a brand you admire? I admire all the cosmetic brands that have recently went cruelty free like Covergirl.

What is something surprising that you have done? I got my first management promotion the week of my 19th birthday

What is your favorite item in your jewelry box? I have a few sterling silver pieces with my name engraved from family members. I am a earring girl and also love my trend pieces.

If you had to give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? Just relax, God's got a plan

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